Managing Migraines with a Bite Splint

Has your doctor diagnosed you with migraines? Or perhaps you’ve been informed that your frequent headaches are stress-induced. If either is the case, then the cause could potentially be traced to a problem with your jaw. A bite splint may help.

The dentists of Marconi Dental Group have had great success in treating migraine sufferers with custom bite splints. Here’s how it works:

How Your Headaches Start

Head pain could be connected to conditions like TMJ disorder. Your jaw is a complex joint attached to many different muscles. If these muscles are overworked or not being worked evenly, then this can cause a lot of tension and even pain in the jaw. This discomfort may be what translates to your headache or migraine through muscle tension.

So what could be causing your jaw to be working overtime? The biggest cause is called bruxism. Bruxism is the tight clenching and grinding of your teeth. This most frequently happens while you’re sleeping, so you may not be aware that you do it. Applying so much pressure on your teeth, even subconsciously, causes a lot of tension on your jaw joint and muscles.

When you visit Marconi, a thorough dental exam will reveal signs of bruxism (if you do suffer from it) including:

  • Worn or fractured teeth
  • Gum recession
  • Tooth sensitivity

A bite splint may be just what you need to prevent such problems!

Preventing Jaw Issues with a Splint

A small acrylic splint is tailored to fit between the top and bottom rows of your front teeth. This splint is designed to snap securely onto your lower or upper teeth. It won’t come off while you sleep, especially if your teeth tend to clench together at night!

The splint keeps your teeth from contacting each other while you sleep, protecting them from forces that cause wear and fractures. A splint also limits how far your jaw will close so that the muscles do not fully tense, creating pain through the face. Blocking the unhealthy movement of your jaw could be the key to reducing or even eliminating your migraines altogether.

A Drug-Free Treatment Option

When it comes to addressing your headaches, would you prefer to address the symptoms or treat the cause?

Most would agree that reaching the heart of the problem would produce more effective results, not to mention stop it altogether. Medication comes in handy for reducing pain and inflammation, but do you really want to be dependent upon it if you don’t have to be? It’s worth it for you to at least consider the possibility of how TMJ issues may contribute to your discomfort.

Migraine Treatment from Carmichael Dental Experts

With many combined years of experience in treating TMJ disorder, the dentists at Marconi Dental Group have your best interests at heart. They recommend that after discussing your head pain with your doctor, address possible dental problems that can put stress on your jaw. Your pain shouldn’t wait – book a consultation today!

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