Getting to Know You at the Marconi Dental Group

It is best for you and your dental health if we get to know you well. We hope your first visit with us will be the start of your long-term plan for excellent dental care in Carmichael.

For Acute Dental Care

If you need to see us for a specific acute need, please do not hesitate to visit our office at your earliest convenience. Whether it is a broken tooth, gum problems, swelling, or tooth pain, our staff is ready to see you to solve your immediate concerns. Our focus on that first visit will be to examine and identify your needs, discuss a plan of action, and get you back to your regular routine as soon as possible.

For Regular Dental Care

Helping patients avoid acute dental problems is our goal and likely yours too. Here is where a comprehensive first dental visit is essential. Your first visit requires about sixty minutes to gather records and develop your treatment plan with our Carmichael dentists. We take a set of full mouth and panoramic x-rays to completely visualize your upper and lower jaw. Along with a full set of intraoral pictures, these images are very helpful to diagnose any problems not readily visible to the eye and to have a baseline set of images for comparison during future examinations. Our dentists also complete the following procedures:

  • an oral cancer screening,
  • an exam of your temporomandibular joints (TMJ),
  • we look for signs of teeth grinding or excessive wear,
  • we determine the overall health of your gums.

After the first exam is complete, if your condition is normal we recommend a follow-up cleaning appointment with our hygienist. If there are complications with your oral health, we will discuss an appropriate treatment plan. The important point is that we do more than check you in and check you out. The Marconi Dental Group takes the time to customize your care and offer the best possible procedures to achieve your optimal oral health.

Avoiding the Dentist?

If you haven’t seen the dentist in a while, please be assured we want to see you anyway. Dentistry has changed – come see the exciting advances that will put your fears aside and give you the smile and dental health you deserve. The Marconi Dental Group is here to help make your future in Carmichael a bright one filled with good health, a healthy mouth and a happy smile. Please make your appointment right away! We look forward to meeting you.

Schedule Your First Appointment

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