The Marconi Dental Group with Dr. Maryam Saleh

Truly a Family Practice

The Marconi Dental Group would like to introduce Dr. Maryam Saleh, DDS and FAGD, to our Carmichael dental practice. As mentioned in an earlier article, Dr. Saleh brings a special interest in dentistry for children and young people to our group. In this sense, she makes the Marconi Dental Group a full-fledged family practice. She also makes us a family dental office in another sense — she is the wife of our other Carmichael dentist, Dr. Ashkan Alizadeh.

As mentioned in her biography, Dr. Saleh graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry after earning her undergraduate degree in Biology at Pennsylvania State University. While she has always enjoyed studying science, Dr. Saleh found that “being stuck in a lab and staring through microscopes” just did not appeal to her. If research in the biological sciences was not in her future, she had to find another career, and some friends seeking degrees in dentistry convinced her to join the college dental club. After shadowing a local dentist, she was hooked.

Dr. Saleh immediately started studying about dentistry and even became a dental assistant while attending college. She realized that dentistry would allow her to be a medical practitioner, yet still have time for a family. When she came to her dental school, the future Dr. Saleh ended up working on the “family” part of her future too!

Finding Her Future in New York City

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Dr. Alizadeh was already studying in New York, one year ahead of Dr. Saleh. They got along well together and when she finished her degree, she too came to California, now to complete a residency in dentistry. Through a residency, Dr. Saleh gained more experience in complicated dental procedures, especially those involving oral surgery. Afterwards, she came to the Carmichael area, working as a dentist in Elk Grove, Folsom and Roseville.

Dr. Alizadeh and Dr. Saleh have two children together, a daughter and a son. Their son was born five months ago and Dr. Saleh is returning to dentistry, this time alongside her husband. “We have the same goals and objectives for patient care. We know that we’re both highly committed to the practice and together we give patients the choice between a male or female practitioner. Best of all, we can now offer pediatric dentistry too.”

What is an FAGD?

By the way, if you’re curious about the initials after Dr. Saleh’s and Dr. Alizadeh’s titles, a DDS is a Doctor of Dental Surgery. An FAGD is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. While a DDS is a standard dental degree, the FAGD is held by only 13,000 dentists worldwide. Becoming a fellow of the Academy requires passing a lengthy examination and completing hundreds of hours of continuing education in dentistry. Both Dr. Alizadeh and Dr. Saleh are convinced that the key to providing quality dental care involves studying the latest developments in dentistry and their status as Fellows is proof of their dedication to high professional standards and their patients’ well-being.

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