New Year. New Smile

One of the easiest, and most dramatic, resolutions you can make this year is to enhance the appearance of your smile. You don’t have to count calories or visit the gym to improve your appearance – all you have to do is schedule a consultation with Marconi Dental Group.

In just a few appointments, you can rediscover the dazzling smile that you’ve always wanted. Shouldn’t 2017 be the year that you finally do something for you?

Improve Your Smile, Improve Your Health

When the new year rolls around, we often focus on lifestyle changes that will improve our quality of life. You might want to improve your smile for aesthetic reasons, but did you know that an improved smile also enhances your overall health?

Poor dental hygiene can increase your risk of…

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Infertility
  • Premature Labor
  • Diabetes
  • Erectile Dysfunction

… not to mention the impact is has on your teeth. With just a few changes, you can minimize your chance of cavities, gum disease and even tooth loss.

Realign Your Teeth

Gaps in your smile and crooked teeth can affect more than your confidence. When your teeth are straight, they’re easier to brush and keep clean. It also improves your bite, which can be an underlying cause for TMJ and even migraines. Our Carmichael team offers Invisalign and Six Month Smiles to quickly and discreetly guide your teeth into their optimal place, improving your appearance and your oral health!

Your Pearly Whites

Are your teeth looking a little dingy? Time, beverages, food choices, tobacco and even medications can stain your teeth, adding years to your smile. Refresh your teeth and enjoy a more youthful appearance with professional dental whitening at Marconi Dental Group. Our prescription grade brightening offers superior results that you just can’t find from a DIY kit, at the store.

A Brand New Smile — Instantly!

Don’t want to wait for years to enjoy a straighter smile? Skip the orthodontics and ask about our traditional veneers or slimmer, less prep Lumineers. Hide gaps, chips, heavily stained or disproportionate teeth behind thin shells of luminous porcelain. In as little as two visits to our Carmichael office, you can enjoy a dramatically redesigned, Hollywood perfect smile!

Replace Your Missing Teeth

Are you embarrassed about the gaps in your smile? With our Snap-On Smile technique, you can enjoy a picture-perfect smile in no time. Whether you’re missing one tooth or several, this cosmetic appliance can be customized to blend in with your existing teeth. It can even disguise gapped, crooked, chipped or stained teeth that detract from your smile. Improving your smile is as easy as popping your new enhancement into place.

Don’t Put Off Your Best Smile

Make an improved smile the resolution that you stick with in 2017! When the ball drops on 2018, imagine having the perfect pucker for midnight kisses and a dazzling smile to flash for celebration photos! Your dream can become a reality at Marconi Dental Group. Call our Carmichael office today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Alizadeh.

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