Why You Want an On-site Dental Technician

The Marconi Dental Group prides itself on offering a complete suite of dental services. This goes beyond the work that occurs in the dental chair on the part of our staff of assistants, hygienists, general dentists and dental specialists. It also includes the labor of our master dental technician, creating crownsbridgesveneers and dentures for our patients.

Has Digital Dental Technology Caught Up?

Many forms of digital technology are used in our practice, but even professionals in the field of dental tech acknowledge that hand-made dental appliances are generally better than their computer-built counterparts. For example, the magazine Digital Esthetics had this to say: “although the digitally designed restorations are good, hand-made crowns and bridges still have the edge….the transition from labor-intensive to 100 percent technology-based production is still in its infancy. The skilled dental technician still has an important role to play.”

Our Carmichael dentists prefer to give you that “hand-made” edge when it comes to dental appliances. Some of the benefits created by our on-site dental lab include:

  • Dentists directly communicate patient concerns and needs to the lab technician,
  • Faster turnaround for many appliances,
  • No loss of appliances due to handling or shipping errors from dental labs,
  • In-office adjustments for fit and appearance.

To learn more about how having on on-site dental lab can benefit you when ordering a crown, bridge, dental implant or other appliances, talk with the experts at the Marconi Dental Group.

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