Why You Should Ask About Sleep Dentistry

You don’t need to have severe anxiety or fear of the dental office to ask about sedation dentistry. In fact, sleep and sedation dentistry offers many benefits for patients of all needs and backgrounds.

Marconi Dental Group patients enjoy sedation dentistry because it allows them to:

Enjoy the Most Relaxing Experience Possible

It’s no secret that sedation dentistry gives you the highest level of comfort possible during your appointment. If you’re slightly nervous about having a shot, or have a fear of dental treatment – sedation can help you overcome this feeling. Instead of letting your smile needs compound into more extensive, expensive conditions, sedation dentistry lets you catch up on managing your oral health. You can avoid more dental work down the road!

Complete Your Dental Care in Fewer Visits

One of our top priorities during every dental visit is the comfort of our patients. When you feel like you are sleeping through your dental appointment, we can work more efficiently. Treatments are completed in a shorter amount of time, and more treatment can be done during one visit. If you have complex needs that would otherwise need to be spaced out over several visits, sedation offers a convenient, comfortable alternative. In some cases you may be able to have all of your treatment completed at one time.

A Safe, Light Sedation Procedure

Not every dentist can offer light oral sedation in his or her office. Dr. Alizadeh is a licensed sedation dentist who has extensive training and certification that allows him to provide the service here in our office. Most of our patients say they feel as if they were napping or dreaming through their appointments.

Afford the Sedation Experience

Some types of sedation dentistry can be expensive – costing as much as the dental procedure itself. Dr. Alizadeh offers affordable oral and nitrous sedation options that can fit into your budget without sacrificing the safety of your sedation experience. Oral sedation is a safe, affordable alternative to IV sedation.

How Does Light Sedation Work?

Dr. Alizadeh will prescribe a light sedative that is taken by mouth just before your treatment appointment. This causes you to become sleepy; you may even fall asleep. However, you will still be able to answer any quick, short questions that we have. The medication that is used is also an amnesiac – so you typically will not remember anything after the appointment. Effects of the medication usually last for 4-5 hours, giving us more than enough time to complete all of your treatment. A friend or family member will drive you home, as the effects of the medication will continue to wear off.

How can sedation dentistry change the way you look at dental care? If you’ve been putting your needs off due to anxiety, fear of discomfort, or the number of appointments that you need – call Marconi Dental Group today. We’ll get you on your way to a healthier smile in the most relaxing way possible.

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