Family Dental Care at Marconi Dental Group

Our Office Policies

The Carmichael, CA general & specialty dentistry at the Marconi Dental Group want your family dental care to be the best healthy dental care possible.

Creating Family Dental Treatment Plans Through Informed Consent

You want the best family dental health for yourself and your family, and the Marconi Dental Group understands that. But, we are also aware that you have other things in your life tugging at your attention and your pocket book. We are here to help you balance what your dental health requires and what your budget demands.

Before any work is done here at the Marconi Dental Group, from the most basic cleaning to more involved cosmetic services, you will be informed of all the costs. If, in the course of your regular dental visit, we discover a need for further treatment, we’ll sit down with you, go over your options, discuss alternative treatments and come up with a game plan for fixing what needs to get fixed and getting you back to the rest of your life. So, there will be no surprises. We’ll keep you “in the loop” and, with your documented consent, proceed with what you authorize us to do.

Our family dental reception area.
Another shot of our family dental reception area.

Office Financial Policy

We want you to obtain the best dentistry for yourself and your family. If you have dental insurance, we bill your dental insurance for you. We do our best at estimating your co-payment so you know exactly what your treatment will cost. Co-payments are due at the time services are rendered. We have several options available to pay for services: cash, Mastercard/Visa, and in-office, zero percent financing. There are many ways to pay for the treatment you need. We can work with you to provide the care you desire.

Questions About Our Family Dental Care?

Feel free to contact us to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. At Marconi Dental Group, we want to make sure you are 100% comfortable with making us your primary dental care providers.

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