Welcome to Our New Website

If you regularly read our blog articles, you will instantly note the new design of our website. First, the existing design was in use for a number of years and it was time for a “remodel.” We hope you enjoy the brighter look and broader use of color. Second, navigation through the website has been improved, especially from the home page. Hover your mouse over the Procedures section of the navigation bar and you will see a whole new feature — the Mega Menu.

Mega Menu — Super-sized Navigation!

It’s a fact that the Marconi Dental Group features dozens and dozens of informational pages about various dental procedures offered by our Carmichael dental practice. Finding your way to the procedure you need used to involve moving through different menus and submenus. Now, with the Mega Menu, you see all of the major dental procedures at once. This is a “big” navigational improvement for our Carmichael clients and will help you to quickly locate the dental information you need.

Brighter Pages for Brighter Smiles

Brighter smiles and a brighter future are two goals our Carmichael dentists have for our patients. Our new design reflects this “bright” outlook. Through our Contact section and many of our individual pages, you can write to us directly about procedures, appointments and our dental programs. If you try it, we’re sure you’ll like it. We look forward to meeting you through our new website and at our office, 4350 Marconi Avenue, Suite 100.

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