Need for Dentures Rises

The relative dental health of adults in California is quite good. For example, in one analysis, only 5-7% of Californians had lost six or more teeth before the age of 64. Out of all 50 states, only Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota and Minnesota shared this distinction. Nevertheless, throughout the nation the expected need for dentures is rising and may continue to do so over the next fifteen years. Already about a tenth of the population is missing all of their teeth. The traditional cure for this problem is dentures.

Dentures replace all or some of the teeth in one or both dental arches. Partial dentures are also available, replacing lost teeth by being anchored to remaining teeth. For people missing teeth, dentures restore the ability to chew, speak normally, sing well and smile. They are a tremendous advantage over toothlessness.

Implant Dentures are the Best Option

The most secure form of denture is the implant denture. With this technique the entire problem of loose dentures is eliminated by providing the oral appliance with a solid foundation, secured into the bone like real teeth. Since only two to five implants are needed per jaw, depending on the patient and the circumstances, this procedure is significantly less expensive than replacing all of the teeth with individual dental implants. One major advantage of implant dentures is that there are far fewer food restrictions, because there is a much better grip on the denture.

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