The Blog is Back!

The Marconi Dental Group blog is back in town after a brief hiatus! In the past, we offered a regular weekly to semi-weekly blog article that highlighted one or more of the following topics:

  • Information about dental health
  • Information about dentistry
  • Features on staff members or our practice
  • Updates on dental technology
  • Special offers from the Marconi Dental Group

Recently, our blog was put on hold as we pursued other aspects of our practice (like providing a smooth transition to our new office on Fair Oaks Boulevard). Now that everything is running more efficiently than ever, it’s time to once again give our clients and readership the opportunity to be informed about dentistry and dental health.

While there are always topics of specific interest to us that reflect priorities in dental health, our practice and introductions to our team, we are always interested in featuring subjects that meet the needs of our patients. We study the statistics on our website, examine the search words and questions that commonly help people find us on the Internet, and take questions in person and online. So if you have a topic or query that you think would make a good blog article, please let us know at your next appointment or by writing us online.

Meanwhile, enjoy some articles from our archives (more will be reposted soon) and new blogs, like our report on the recent Marconi Dental Group trip to the Dominican Republic!

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