Spring Into a New Smile!

Marconi Dental Group Announces Invisalign Day

The Marconi Dental Group wants you to start Spring 2014 with the smile you’ve always wanted! For the first full day of spring, March 21st, our Carmichael dentists will conduct an Invisalign Day. Features of this special event include free giveaways, complimentary consultation and development of your treatment with the Invisalign system and a $500 discount for treatment with Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an invisible system of orthodontics completely unlike traditional braces. Instead of metal brackets and wires, clear plastic aligners are used to move your teeth into their proper positions. Although you wear the aligners most of the day and while you sleep, you can remove them to eat and to clean your teeth. Every two weeks, you receive a new set of aligners that continue shaping your smile for a look that is best for your dental health and your appearance.

Complimentary Examination

Everyone who signs up for our Invisalign Day will receive a complimentary consultation and records work-up for Invisalign. That includes diagnosis of your orthodontic condition, completion of all necessary intraoral pictures and bite impressions and the development of a recommended treatment plan. This step alone represents an initial discount for buyers of Invisalign on March 21st.

Invisalign Day Giveaway

The next benefit of Invisalign Day is a giveaway for everyone who completes their consultation on March 21st. These clients will be given the chance to receive one of the following three prizes:

  1. First prize is a new Apple iPad Mini;
  2. Second prize is a professional take-home tooth whitening kit;
  3. Third prize is a new Apple iPod Shuffle.

Only a limited number of spaces are available for consultations on Invisalign Day with our Carmichael dentists, so you’ll want to sign up early to ensure your participation on March 21st.

Invisalign Discounts

Finally, everyone who visits the Marconi Dental Group on Invisalign Day and decides to purchase their Invisalign treatment plan will receive a $500 discount on their aligners. Our dentists are so convinced of the value of the Invisalign system for fixing orthodontic problems that they want as many of their Carmichael patients as possible to try this modern method of fixing issues with your smile and bite.

Sign Up for Invisalign Day!

To register for Invisalign day on March 21st, 2014, contact us through our form below, contact our office at 916-589-6462 or visit us at 4350 Marconi Avenue, Suite 100. Again, limited space is available for this special event featuring complimentary services, Invisalign discounts and special prizes for some of those who sign up. The Marconi Dental Group looks forward to seeing you at the start of Spring 2014 on Invisalign Day!

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