My Wisdom Teeth Aren’t Bothering Me – Why Remove Them?

Some lucky patients develop up to all four of their wisdom teeth with no issues whatsoever. When wisdom teeth grow in straight and healthy and the jaw has room to support them, then they usually don’t pose a problem.

But why might your dentist be recommending that you have yours pulled when you don’t even feel them?

Dr. Alizadeh and his dental team at Marconi Dental Group would like you to understand the following reasons.

Smile Alignment Problems

There just may not be enough room in your jaw for wisdom teeth to squeeze in. If they attempt it, the rest of your teeth could be pushed out of alignment. Not only will your smile look a little funny, but crowded teeth are harder to keep clean. They’re more prone to tooth decay and gum disease.

Damage from Impaction

Wisdom teeth are notorious for being impacted! What that means is that they have developed below the bone in a way that they cannot erupt normally. Impaction creates a big problem if a wisdom tooth is poised to grow into the roots of the tooth in front of it. This would cause jaw pain and irreparable damage to other teeth. If your dentist notices that your wisdom teeth are not in a good position, then he or she may recommend removing them before they cause you problems.

Partial Eruption

Wisdom teeth sometimes don’t come in all the way. Part of the tooth may remain trapped under the gum tissue. This has the potential to cause big problems. The partial covering of gum tissue is prone to trapping food and bacteria. Your chances of developing gum inflammation and decay in that area increase when the tooth isn’t fully erupted. It’s usually more cost and time-efficient to remove wisdom teeth before such problems set in rather than try to treat and restore them.

Time Is Everything!

The last factor to consider is time. Perhaps your wisdom teeth aren’t bothering you now, but it may be easier to have them all removed at once. Think about it this way: would you rather have your teeth removed one by one at separate appointments as they cause painful problems at inconvenient times? Or would you rather plan a week-long staycation from work to relax and heal after a one-time surgery at a time you choose in advance?

Wisdom Tooth Care in Carmichael

Wisdom teeth don’t always have to be removed. But the safest way to be sure is to have the position and health of your teeth checked by dental professionals.

Stop by the office of Marconi Dental Group for a complete evaluation of your wisdom teeth. Cutting-edge digital imaging allows us to get a careful look at the position of your wisdom teeth and make recommendations from there. You’ll find that the entire experience – from evaluation to extraction, if necessary – is a surprisingly easy and comfortable one here at Marconi Dental Group.

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