Why a Custom Sports Guard is Your Best Piece of Dental Insurance

When you love the game, there’s nothing worse than being kept away from it. Mouth and head injuries are very common in almost any physical activity, whether it’s soccer, football, or even gymnastics. It’s not just the contact sports that pose a risk. The last thing you want is a costly and painful injury to cut into your time spent enjoying what you love the most.

A sports mouth guard could be the smartest investment you ever make in your smile. As advocates of your dental health, the team at Marconi Dental Group strongly encourages the use of a custom sports guard during recreational activities. Here’s why:

Avoid A Dental Emergency

The obvious benefit of a mouth guard is the protection it affords for your teeth. A displaced or broken tooth is not fun and can require costly treatment or even pain. Even if money were no object to you, money can’t exactly buy time. Repairing damage done to a broken tooth will likely require some time out of your busy schedule that you weren’t planning to sacrifice.

The Investment to Protect Other Investments

Do you wear braces? Have you ever had your teeth straightened? Are you confident with your new set of veneers? Or perhaps you just finished that last crown to protect your back teeth from a fracture?

Other valuable dental work is at risk of damage from trauma experienced during physical activity. You definitely don’t want to have to redo anything! A dental emergency may not be just a damaged tooth, but it could be that a crown is knocked loose or a beautiful cosmetic restoration is chipped.

Save More Than Just Your Teeth!

The trauma that results from a blow to the head may cause harm to more than your teeth. Other potential injuries may include damage to your:

  • Lacerations to the cheeks, lips and tongue
  • TMJ
  • Brain (concussion)

A sports guard absorbs and diffuses the impact of a blow to your mouth or jaw. Some mouth injuries can be even more serious than a fractured tooth. You’ll be grateful you chose to wear a guard.

What About Ready-Made Guards?

Are the generic mouth guards you find a drugstore just as effective as a custom-made one? They may provide some protection, but most people find them to be:

  • Bulky
  • Obstructive to breathing and talking
  • Uncomfortable
  • Loosely fitting
  • Awkward over restorations or braces

A custom sports mouth guard may sound unnecessary at first, but it will last you much longer than a one-size-fits-all sort. It’s far more comfortable, so you (or your child) will be more likely to wear it when it’s needed. It also provides additional protection for secondary trauma.

The Benefits to Your Game

Protect your smile and your game with a custom-fitted sports guard designed by the Marconi Dental Group in Carmichael, CA. Schedule an appointment to learn more about how to care for and get the most out of your mouth guard. Having a quality custom guard will keep your teeth safe – and keep you in the game!

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