What Does a Periodontist Do?

Visit Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group and you may notice that our practice includes a number of different dental specialists. Our dentists would like to explain just what each of these specialties involve and why you should be pleased that such procedural experts are a part of our dental team. To start, let us consider the role of a periodontist.

Treating Periodontal Disease

A primary responsibility for a periodontist is treating one of the major causes of tooth loss – gum disease. In its advanced stage, called periodontitis, gum disease causes oral inflammation, gum recession and even tooth loss. A periodontist is equipped with all the latest techniques and medicines to combat chronic or severe gum disease. This helps them stop severe damage to the gums, the jawbones and the teeth.

Working with Dental Implants

Since tooth loss is an unfortunate consequence of severe gum disease, the periodontist is trained to deal with this “worst case scenario” by using dental implants. Every stage of the dental implant procedure is familiar to them, especially the implantation of the device. There are also complications specific to dental implants and a periodontist understands how to solve these problems successfully.

By including specialists as part of our team, the Marconi Dental Group is better prepared to offer you a full service dental practice staffed by experienced professionals. When you need to treat gum disease or a consult on dental implants, visit us at our Carmichael office, contact us online or call for an appointment at 916-589-6462.

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