More Reasons to Be a Marconi Dental Group Patient

The Marconi Dental Group celebrated its fifth anniversary with a Patient Appreciation Day on Saturday, October 13th, 2018. Clients, staff and community members celebrated with music, beverages and barbecue provided by the Marconi Dental Group. Children enjoyed a super bounce house obstacle course, while parents and other attendees made contributions for the local San Juan School District to receive a chance at outstanding prizes.

When asked why they present a dental practice party for patients, Dr. Ashkan Alizadeh responded: “It’s fun! It’s fun to show our appreciation for the community and to support the community at the same time.” Dr. Maryam Saleh, sporting sunglasses and casual clothes during the outdoor event said, “It’s nice to interact with patients without a white coat on!”

Throughout the party, smiles from staff members and patients demonstrated the success that comes from offering quality dental care in a relaxed, comfortable and modern setting. Everyone from children to grandparents enjoyed the afternoon and many patients walked away with more than just great teeth — they also took home their prizes! And whether they had a winning ticket or not, everyone had the chance to take crazy photo booth pictures with an array of costumes and props. When you have great teeth, taking pictures is much more fun!

What to Expect in the Future

As the Marconi Dental Group moves into its sixth year of service, Drs. Alizadeh and Saleh continue to expand the number of specialists and services offered by the practice. You can read about these improvements here on the website, especially in the pages of our blog.

To conclude, here are five reasons why five years should give you confidence in the Marconi Dental Group:

Experience — Our dentists started the Marconi Dental Group after many years of dental practice, but five more years have given them that much more understanding of how to best treat patients.

Service — And those five years working with the dental group model have improved our customer service techniques. A point of focus from the beginning, our positive and trusting relationship between staff and clients is something we seek to improve on a daily basis.

Technology — In a digital age, the technology behind dentistry improves every year. The Marconi Dental Group pays close attention to these developments and adds new techniques and materials to its treatments when they offer a demonstrated value to our patients.

Improvements — From our original location on Marconi Boulevard to our new office on Fair Oaks Boulevard, the Marconi Dental Group wants to improve where we work and you come to receive treatment. The waiting room now features a play area for children, a comfortable lounge for adults and greater separation from the treatment area.

Savings — As our practice grows, it creates opportunities for negotiating savings that can be passed on to our clients. We also develop a positive reputation in the dental field, and that makes it easier to speak to insurance companies on your behalf.

To see the Marconi Dental Group for yourself, visit our office at 6440 Fair Oaks Boulevard.

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