Twenty Years of Invisalign

Align Technology first introduced clear orthodontic aligners in 1998. Twenty years later, the Invisalign product is tremendously better. Through clinical trials, in-house research, and close contact with dentists and orthodontists throughout North America and the world, Invisalign has become the finest form of clear plastic aligners available. Therefore, the Marconi Dental Group is pleased to remind our patients and the public of our upcoming Invisalign Day on Saturday, September 15th.

Why Invisalign is Better

As Align Technology’s many patents for Invisalign start to expire, people can expect to see imitations on the market. According to Forbes magazine, Joe Hogan, CEO of Align Technology, notes one problem with these copycat orthodontics: “They’ll basically have to come in with technology that’s 10 years behind us.” Specifically, Align Technology has become the experts at digitally predicting the progress of an orthodontic treatment, based on the original condition of the teeth.

This illustrates that it is one thing to make clear aligners that snugly fit over the teeth and move them with mild force over time. It is far more difficult to predict how those aligners will alter the teeth and jaws so that the subsequent aligners will still fit! Align Technology invested $100 million in research during 2017 alone. The results of such annual investments in study and experimentation create improved orthodontics and additional products that lead the field of clear aligners.

To learn more about Invisalign and to determine whether it can help you have a better smile, make an appointment with Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group for Invisalign Day. Find out about costs and whether you can earn significant discounts by visiting our office during this specific event. Available time slots are limited, so contact us online or by calling 916-589-6462 today!

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