Get Ready for the Wedding!

September and October are two of the most popular months in the United States for weddings. During these joyful ceremonies, the bride, groom and their retinues probably appear in more pictures than on any other single day of their life! So it pays to make sure that their smiles look the brightest they can be. The Marconi Dental Group can help with our variety of cosmetic dental services.

Teeth Whitening

A favorite request for future brides and grooms is whiter teeth. With our in-office Zoom! whitening process you can walk in with one shade of teeth and walk out an hour later with teeth that are eight shades whiter! Zoom is easily one of our best procedures if you need to prepare for a special day with lots of photographs!


Significant cosmetic problems with certain teeth can be covered up with veneers. The Marconi Dental Group includes an onsite dental lab staffed by a master technician. Therefore, we can make beautiful veneers right here in a fraction of the time necessary when outside labs are used. Consult with one of our helpful Carmichael dentists to determine if your teeth qualify for treatment with veneers.

Teeth Contouring and Bonding

Sometimes one or two teeth simply suffer from unsightly chips that don’t affect their strength, but that give them a worn or snaggletoothed appearance. In this case, one of two techniques can mask the damage. With contouring, the enamel is formed to hide the damage mark. With bonding, material similar to that used with fillings is added to the tooth to restore its proper shape.

While contouring is a permanent step, bonding is a temporary fix. Over time, the filling material wears out and requires replacement, so a veneer or crown may be a better choice, depending on the situation of the tooth.

Have the Smile You Want

If you have a smile that needs improvement in time for an October wedding, contact the helpful cosmetic dentists at the Marconi Dental Group right away so your teeth can look brilliant!

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