Paving the Road to Better Smiles

A Personal Introduction to Dr. Ashkan Alizadeh

As a child, Dr. Ashkan Alizadeh got a peek into the world of dentistry right in his own apartment building. A dentist and his wife, neighbors in the complex, took a shine to the young boy. He got to see the dentist’s office, dental tools and, most importantly, he received a positive first impression of a caring dental professional. The future Dr. Alizadeh didn’t know it then, but that kind neighbor laid the path for his own future in dentistry.

When Dr. Alizadeh graduated from Santa Clara High School in California, his intended course was not dentistry. He studied engineering at Foothill College in the San Francisco Bay Area. This initial interest in the engineering field explains his expertise with numbers and measurements when you need a precise restoration, like a dental implant or a full-mouth reconstruction. It quickly became obvious to him that a life spent as an engineer would not be his dream come true. He also served for one year as an intern at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California. Like many parents, Dr. Alizadeh’s father and mother hoped this would lead to their son becoming a physician. That experience too, however, convinced him that the job of the medical doctor was not for him.

College friendships are sometimes life changing, and Dr. Alizadeh happened to become best friends with a pre-dental student. So with his transfer to UC Davis, he changed his major to Biological Science, with an emphasis on Physiology. Now his path was set – his career in the medical field was beginning to take shape. Dr. Alizadeh was going to become a dentist and there was no longer a “Plan B”! After graduation from UC Davis, he traveled to New York to start his dental schooling, and in 2003 cemented his career path by completing his studies at the New York University College of Dentistry.

Improvements in Dentistry

After ten years of practicing dentistry, is Dr. Alizadeh happy with his career choice? Most definitely! The exciting advances in dental care, materials and cosmetic restorations make every work day for him a rewarding one. Using advanced x-ray devices along with the upgrades in materials for crowns and restorations are two of the aspects of modern dentistry that really impress him. The first leads to superior imaging of the patient’s mouth for a better diagnosis and treatment plan. The second has created more comfortable, effective and longer-lasting dental appliances with very satisfying results.

Educating Clients About Dental Health

Dr. Alizadeh, along with the entire staff of the Marconi Dental Group, wants you to understand these latest advances in dentistry. When you make an appointment to see him, his authentic smile, calming manner and gentle personality will welcome you to the exciting world of modern dentistry. Make an appointment with Dr. Alizadeh, at our convenient Marconi Avenue dental office in Carmichael, to get on your own path that leads to great health, an amazing smile and a more confident you.

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