Repair Your Fillings Before They Fail!

Do you have fillings in your mouth that are so old, you feel like you were born with them? Have they become such a fixture in your mouth that you feel like these old, shiny buddies will keep doing their job for years? The truth, however, is that amalgam fillings have a limited lifetime and it’s best to replace them before that lifetime is up!

Silver or amalgam fillings were a great option once and they still play a part in dentistry in some situations. The problem is their strength – mercury amalgam fillings are doing almost too good a job. They are so strong and unmovable, they could actually be causing cracks to develop in your teeth. These cracks can be either above the gum line, below the gum line, or worse yet, extending deep into the root itself. The fixes for this run the gamut of a crown, a root canal, or in the case of a deep crack extending deep into your jaw bone, loss of your root and extraction of the tooth.

Best case scenario is that your old fillings haven’t yet cracked your teeth, but that doesn’t mean all is well. The rigid nature of a silver filling may be allowing gaps around your fillings, and one thing bacteria love are gaps and openings. What may appear to you as a filled tooth may actually be experiencing some serious issues unseen to you. Your tooth may be starting to decay under your old filling, something that can only be detected in a dental exam. Don’t assume that no pain means all is good. If your dentist at Carmichael’s Marconi Dental Group is seeing issues with an old filling, don’t put off the fix! The sooner your tooth is properly protected, the better your overall dental health.

Introducing Your New Filling Material

Unlike rigid and not so attractive silver fillings, the staff at the Marconi Dental Group wants to introduce you to your mouth’s new best friend – composite resin fillings. Not only are composite fillings the same color as your tooth, they do a much better job of protecting your teeth year after year. They won’t contribute to cracked teeth, they form a much tighter bond with the enamel of your teeth, and they look natural and blend in with the rest of your smile. That means no more dark spots showing up in pictures when you smile your widest, no more concerns about hidden decay and no more worries about your perfectly healthy teeth developing cracks that require extensive dental work. If your dentist recommends replacing one or more of your old silver fillings, make an appointment right away to get the work done. Out with the old, in with the new will make you forget your even have fillings in your teeth. Fillings, what fillings?

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