Sedation Dentistry

Oral (Pill) Sedation Dentistry & Nitrous Oxide

One of the primary concerns of our doctors is to make your experience at Sacramento’s Marconi Dental Group a positive one. Local analgesics allow most patients to be numb and experience painless dentistry. This form of pain management has the least amount of risk, because you remain conscious throughout the dental visit. However, if you need a more powerful option, we offer sedation dentistry.

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Comfort For Any Procedure

Conscious Sedation

Milllions of people like you have discovered conscious or oral sedation as the answer to their fears. In the process, they have dealt with long-standing dental problems in just a few productive dental visits. Others have been helped by sedation dentistry to start seeing a dentist again on a regular basis – the best thing possible for maintaining your teeth and your overall health.

Conscious Oral Sedation Is…

  • Less invasive – there is no need for intravenous (IV) injections or artificial breathing,
  • Less expensive than other forms of sedation,
  • Less recovery time– the recovery from oral sedation is usually much quicker than from deep sedation (such as with an IV sedative or gas anesthesia).

Complete Most Treatment in One Sitting

Let’s say you need a filling on the top right side of your mouth, a crown on the bottom left side of your mouth…oh, and you’re hoping to do a bit of cosmetic work on your front teeth.

Generally, we would spread these phases of treatment out over a few different visits. This would prevent Dr. Alizadeh from having to numb your entire mouth. It would also prevent you from having to sit uncomfortably or keeping your mouth open for a longer period of time while everything else is done.

With sedation dentistry, it’s easier than ever to complete everything at one time. You won’t mind the slightly longer procedure, because you’ll feel like you’re napping the entire time. If you need more complex work (such as root canals) alongside of other procedures, all you need is one appointment instead of two or three.

Benefits of Sedation

Enjoy the Most Relaxing Experience Possible

It’s no secret that sedation dentistry gives you the highest level of comfort possible during your appointment. If you’re slightly nervous about having a shot, or have a fear of dental treatment – sedation can help you overcome this feeling. Instead of letting your smile needs compound into more extensive, expensive conditions, sedation dentistry lets you catch up on managing your oral health. You can avoid more dental work down the road!

A Safe, Light Sedation Procedure

Not every dentist can offer light oral sedation in his or her office. Dr. Alizadeh, Dr. Saleh, and Dr. Javan are licensed sedation dentists who have extensive training and certification that allows them to provide the service here in our office. Most of our patients say they feel as if they were napping or dreaming through their appointments.

Affordable Sedation

Some types of sedation dentistry can be expensive – costing as much as the dental procedure itself. Dr. Alizadeh offers affordable oral and nitrous sedation options that can fit into your budget without sacrificing the safety of your sedation experience. Oral sedation is a safe, affordable alternative to IV sedation.

Maximum Sedation

For procedures or patients requiring the maximum in sleep dentistry, we also offer IV sedation. As the name implies, an intravenous line is inserted into your arm to provide the maximum safe level of sedative necessary to make you totally unaware of your procedure. If this is what you need, we are ready to provide you with this service. At the Marconi Dental Group, rest assured that our first concern is for your safety and comfort during the use of analgesics and sedatives. With a mix of both recent and time-tested techniques, we assure you that your trip to our office can be both pain and anxiety free. Make an appointment with us today to discuss your options for a stress-free dental visit. You may also call (916) 303-2607 to speak to a helpful and knowledgeable staff member about sleep dentistry.

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