Name Brand versus Generic in Dentistry

Many people wonder if they should use generic products. For example, after a prescription drug passes a certain time period on the market, all manufacturers are allowed to create a “generic” version of that drug. The potency is generally the same, if the drug maker is a trusted company. Only the packaging and the name are different. The price, since the generic brand is not advertised as heavily as the name brand, is usually significantly less expensive. In cases such as these, using the generic can bring consumers monetary benefits.

Not All Generics Are Equivalent

Some generic products are manufactured by the same company that produces the name brand. Others are produced by copycat corporations that cut corners on quality. You may have experienced this when buying generic foods or similar items. Certainly, not all generics are worth buying and the name brand fits the maxim that “you get what you pay for.”

Generics in Dentistry

In dentistry, there are many reputable dental labs here in the United States producing generic veneers, office-based teeth whitening products, temporary bridges and dentures, just to name a few examples. Some of these generic products are just as good as, and in certain cases even better than, name brand dental products. On our website you will notice a number of name brand products that we offer our clients. At the same time, we do significant research through the efforts of our Carmichael dentists and our own dental laboratory to determine which generic products offer our clients a better price and similar, if not superior, durability, comfort and efficiency. The end result of these efforts are two-fold:

  1. You have more pricing options as a dental patient.
  2. You have more quality options as a dental patient.

We never offer our patients a product, be it a tooth whitener or dental appliance, that we do not consider safe and appropriate for your dental condition. As we mentioned, however, sometimes the generic item or process is your best choice when all factors are considered. Indeed, for some dental appliances, such as very thin veneers, our own dental lab can produce them using the best materials available at a significant savings in time and money and often with a better fit.

If you are considering a specific dental procedure, whether it be cosmetic, restorative or a combination of these, please consult with our experienced dentists at the Marconi Dental Group. After an exam and consultation, we will consider your specific situation and present your options. For some, the name brand may be best (such as Invisalign orthodontics). For others, a dental generic may suit your mouth better. Either way, the informed decision will be left up to you!

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