General Dentistry in Sacramento, CA

Are you searching for a friendly neighborhood dental clinic? Marconi Dental Group is your choice. Our general dentists in Sacramento, CA, provide every oral health service you need. Take a moment to browse this page to learn all about us. When you are ready, schedule your appointment by calling our office or using our website to book a time that works best for you. 

Comprehensive Care

We make it a point to use the latest dental technology to give you truly comprehensive oral health care.

Cleanings and More

Need specialized care? We provide it at Marconi Dental Group.

Personalize Your Care

Everything we do is based on your unique oral health needs.

Families are Welcome

Our general dentists in Sacramento, CA, are proud to service your entire family.

Our General Dentistry Services

Everyone needs a reliable general dentist in Sacramento, CA. Marconi Dental Group is the practice to turn to for every general dentistry service, and we serve your entire family. If you need a basic cleaning or more intensive services, we provide it all in an environment where you feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Everyone has completely unique oral health needs. That’s why our care is personalized. We focus on preventive dentistry to keep your smile looking its best. Here are the services we offer at Marconi Dental Group: 


Digital X-rays allow our general dentists in Sacramento, CA, to get a close look at your teeth and jawbone. It highlights damage to the pulp, infections, or decay. It can also spot bone loss that isn’t visible during our visual inspections. 


There’s nothing like the feeling of polished teeth after a dental cleaning. However, this service is more than aesthetics. It’s a preventive approach that reduces your risk of dental decay and gum disease. We recommend scheduling your dental cleaning every six months. 

Oral Cancer Screenings

For successful outcomes, oral cancer must be caught early. That’s why an oral cancer screening is provided every time you come to see us. 

Screening for Gum Disease

When detected early, gum disease is easily reversible. Our dental team checks for pockets between your gums and teeth and cleans them to prevent gum disease. 

Diet & Nutritional Counseling

Your diet plays a significant role in your oral health. We discuss your nutritional choices and offer suggestions to boost your oral health. 

Fluoride Treatments

Boost the strength of your tooth enamel with fluoride treatments. Fluoride strengthens your teeth and reduces your risks of decay and other tooth problems. 


We often suggest sealants for the molars of children. Why? Because they protect the deep grooves that are challenging to clean from decay.

A young girl visits a pediatric dentist in Fair Oaks, CA

Currently Accepting New Patients

Did you know that our general dentists in Sacramento, CA, are currently accepting new patients? And we welcome your entire family! If you need oral healthcare in a comfortable environment where you feel completely relaxed, just give us a call. 

Why is General Dentistry Essential for My Oral Health?

In short, general dentistry keeps your entire mouth healthy. At-home care is great, but it’s not enough. Regular dental appointments (every six months) are necessary to prevent cavities and gum disease. It also gives our providers a chance to catch issues early and treat them before they damage your oral health. Remember, many oral health issues don’t show signs or symptoms at an early stage.

A general dentistry appointment is also a time where we provide education. We’ll teach you the best ways to brush and floss and discuss how your diet impacts your oral health. 

What Should I Expect During a General Dentistry Exam?

We’ll inspect your mouth, gums, teeth, and tongue. Next, we use a small hand-held mirror to check hard-to-see areas and follow that with some dental X-rays. 

A cleaning is also part of the exam. During the cleaning, our hygienist removes plaque and tartar, flosses your teeth, and gives them a good polishing.  

The Marconi Dental Group approach is preventive. We try to catch issues early and correct them before significant decay or disease develops. 

Our general dentists in Sacramento, CA, also discuss your dental history and take time to answer your questions. It’s our priority to help you feel relaxed in our chair. 

How Often Should I Visit Marconi Dental Group for General Dentistry?

We usually recommend visiting us every six months. That said, everyone is different, and some people may need to visit our office more often. At your initial exam, we’ll help you decide on a schedule that is best for maintaining your oral health.

We Invite You to Join the Marconi Family

When you choose us as your general dentist in Sacramento, CA, you become a part of our dental family. We promise you’ll feel comfortable at our office. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment by calling our friendly staff or use this website to book a time that works best for you.

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