• Can I Have a Filling Instead of a Crown?
    If you’ve ever been told that you needed to have a tooth crowned, one of the first questions you probably asked was, “can I just have it filled, instead?” This Read more
  • Causes and Treatments of TMJ Disorder
    Temporomandibular joint disorder, is also known as “TMJD” or “TMJ disorder.” It is a condition that is directly associated with the jaw joint, but can impact more than you might Read more
  • Symptoms of TMJ Disorders
    TMJD (TMJ Disorder) can cause many uncomfortable conditions that make everyday life difficult. You may or may not know that these conditions are linked to TMJ disorders at all. In fact, Read more
  • 3 Ways to a More Beautiful Smile
    A great smile doesn’t have to be impossible to achieve. In fact, there are more ways to go about having a beautiful smile than you might think. In fact, Marconi Read more
  • How Does Gum Disease Impact Your Health?
    Gum disease is the number one reason why most adults lose their teeth. It causes the gums to recede, bone support to be lost, teeth to become mobile – and Read more
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Donation Drive
    From June 1st through July 31st, the Marconi Dental Group, led by Dr. Ashkan Alizadeh and Dr. Maryam Saleh, are having a Peanut Butter & Jelly Donation Drive. The drive will benefit the Carmichael Food Read more
  • Patient Appreciation Barbecue
    Join us for a Patient Appreciation Barbecue Food ~ BBQ ~ Drinks ~ Bounce House ~ Face Painting ~ Snow Cones ~ Popcorn Raffle every half hour for prizes – Grand Prize is an Read more
  • Benefits of Orthodontic Therapy
    Having braces isn’t just about being happy with the way your smile looks, although that is an important part. Orthodontic therapy has many other benefits that improve your oral health Read more
  • Permanent Implant Dentures Can Change Your Life
    What do dental implant supported dentures have to offer that traditional dentures don’t? Just about everything! An implant supported denture (also referred to as an “All-on-4 denture”) can give you Read more
  • Is Sleep Apnea Something My Dentist Can Help With?
    Snoring, sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea can wreak havoc on your life. Not only does sleep apnea make it difficult for you to sleep each night, it also increases Read more
  • Why a Custom Sports Guard is Your Best Piece of Dental Insurance
    When you love the game, there’s nothing worse than being kept away from it. Mouth and head injuries are very common in almost any physical activity, whether it’s soccer, football, Read more
  • Does Invisalign Hurt?
    Your teeth are some of the strongest structures in your body. They perform the amazing functions of biting, chewing, and helping to form speech and sounds. Some people also use Read more
  • What is a Diastema?
    What do David Letterman, Madonna, Anna Paquin, Woody Harrelson, Seal, Lauren Hutton and Lara Stone have in common? They all have The Gap, and we don’t mean the clothing store. A Read more
  • Should You Brush Your Tongue?
    You brush your teeth, your brush your dog, you brush your hair and you may even give people the brush off. Should you also be brushing your tongue? Does it Read more
  • Is it Always Wise to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out?
    Wisdom Teeth Extraction — Is It Necessary? It seems to be a rite of passage for an older teen or young adult to have their wisdom teeth extracted. Swapping funny stories about Read more
  • When to Give Your Toothbrush the Brush Off
    Under which circumstances would it be time for a new toothbrush? Someone used it to scrub the faucet.The bristles look like they’ve seen better days.It got dropped in the toilet.Your toothbrush Read more

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